The SCRIP Cards Are In!


Scrip is fundraising



SCRIP is an incredible fundraising tool for non-profit organizations like schools, churches, athletic groups, community organizations and more. You earn money for your organizations just by using gift cards to pay for everyday purchases. By pre-paying for gift cards, the church receives a percentage of the purchase. For example, for each card purchased:


  • Stop & Shop and Shaws will give the church 4%
  • Old Navy will give back 14% to the church.


This is an example of the range available with these cards. Amy Palmer and Valerie Peck are going to handle the SCRIP program to benefit First Parish, you simply order and pre-pay for the cards you want. You will receive your cards as soon as we have them available. We want to start this process by having some of the most popular cards on hand in Kendall Hall.

This is a brand new venture for us, so please be patient while we work out any wrinkles that may occur!

Looking forward to getting a new benefit for First Parish up and running soon, Amy & Val





There is an amazing variety of SCRIP cards available … you can find something for everybody.   And a great way to shop for those post-holiday bargains.

To browse the cards online, please go to

The SCRIP team is looking for occasional assistance at the SCRIP table during coffee hour.  It is a simple way to help the cause and let the team grab some coffee or delicious snacks.  You can either sign up for a week with Val or Amy or just show up at the table on a Sunday.


Weekly SCRIP Card Message …



“Get in the Spirit” with SCRIP Cards!


Here is a list of some of the SCRIP Cards currently available:







99 Restaurant


Dunkin Donuts


Old Navy / Gap

Olive Garden

Panera Bread


Regal Movies


Stop & Shop