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Current News


An Invitation from First Parish Duxbury’s Social Justice Committee


First Parish Church Duxbury’s Social Justice Committee invites you, your members, listeners and readers to First Parish Church Duxbury’s service on Sunday, January 24th @ 10:30 am.  Rev. Catherine will be sharing the pulpit with Chuck Collins, Author of “99 to 1 – How Wealth Inequality is Wrecking the World and What We Can Do About It.”

Westwinds Bookshop will be selling Chuck’s book in the Harvey Assembly Hall, and Chuck will be doing signings following the service.

Later in the day, @ 2 pm, Chuck Collins will be presenting at the Duxbury Free Library in the Sunday Salon Series.  Westwinds Bookshop will be co-hosting the event with the library.  Westwinds will be selling books at the event and Chuck will be signing the books at the conclusion of the program.

The focus of the worldwide Occupy protests is creating a world that works for 99% of people and businesses, not just the richest and most powerful 1%. But who are the 99%? Who are the 1%? How extensive and systemic is inequality in different areas of society? What are its causes and consequence? How is inequality changing in our world? And what can be done about it?





Rally for the Children


Arallyforchildren1 group from several south shore U.U. churches met in Copley Square in Boston to show support for immigration reform.  There were groups from many organizations, lots of churches were represented, and signs showing support, particularly for children.  We walked down Boylston Street, across the Public Garden and congregated in front of the State House, where there were speeches in Spanish and English.  I would estimate there were a couple of hundred people there, signs reading “We are a nation of Immigrants”, Keep families together”, “What happened to give me your poor and weary”. 


 It was quite a moving experience, and I think all of us that were there would really like to work to get these inhuman conditions, that so many are struggling with, resolved as soon as possible. 

                                                            ~Val Peck



 From left to right: Val Peck, Elaine Ryan, Laura Wagner, director of UU Mass Action, Marilyn Chrisman, Sherry Gardner, Karen Cruz, Nancy Nowak. (If anyone recognizes the girl on the right, please contact the church office.)




The Trust Act Victory!

Trust-ACT-victoryOn August 20th the Boston City Council voted unanimously to pass the Boston Trust Act!  This came as a result of years of coalition building between Immigrant Rights groups and the interfaith community.  During the last several months, the focus shifted to the Boston City Council.  After passionate advocacy work and public hearings, the vote was finally taken and the council members chose to stand on the side of love!


This victory follows Cambridge and Somerville’s decision to stop honoring ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) holds.  As of July 23rd, the Hampden County sheriff also ordered the county to stop honoring ICE holds.

We have a lot to be proud of!  Take time to savor this victory before we renew our efforts for a statewide end of ICE holds.


Read more about the Boston decision at


UU Mass Action Update: With the departure of Executive Director, Jesse Jaeger, who moved to Montana, Laura Wagner is the new Executive Director. The UU Mass Action office has also moved from Salem to Braintree – a location more easily accessible to both Laura and Maggy (their Office Administrator). The new office is now located at All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church in Braintree. Mailing address is UU Mass Action, PO Box 224, Greenbush, MA 02040.